Saturday, September 12, 2009

my favorite thing....

I love, love, love the fog.  It creeps in every evening and blankets the mountains in coolness but hangs low enough to let the stars have their moment. And it has given me a great photograph (aka: procrastination tool) to share while I deal with a bit of a block on how to proceed with the top portion of my "big" painting.  I always seem to have an issue with finishing a piece once I divide it (remember this?).  I have an idea of where I want it to go but am not ready to commit yet.  You know I think I'm also still adjusting to my new space and am trying to get comfortable there.  In addition,  I had lots of life's messiness to deal with last week which led to 3 or 4 non-painting days (which makes me very cranky).  That said, today was lovely and cool and I got in enough studio time to work up two new pieces to share tomorrow.  Sweet dreams.


gretchenmist said...

so beautiful and dramatic. i do like your big painting and know the feeling!
looking forward to seeing the next ones too.
ps my word verification is miste!

the nest said...

fog is like a lofty, cozy blanket, isn't it? i hope the messiness cleared itself up w/o too much fuss...

xo - annri

Janice La Verne said...

Resting space
Intensify the objects
Contrasting color
Analogous color

and then my friend Lynn asks me: What do you want it to say? What is the main story?

I deal with problems with space in paintings all the time. My tendency is to cram the entire contents of the universe into one painting. I never see you do this, in fact I think you are quite good at the divided spaces.

It gets harder when it gets bigger though... why?

justagirl said...

I love a bit of moody weather and that photo is perfect.

I am sure it will take you a while to settle into your new surroundings. I know that crankyness after too long without painting, I know it well.

hope you have a good sleep.

tangled sky studio said...

belinda-the fog is big and dramtic but in a quiet creep up on kind of your new pieces!
annri- it's just like the cozy grey wool blanket i keep on the couch (no worries everything is working itself out).
janice- thank you...that is grand advice i shall put to good use tomorrow....big is more troublesome isn't it?
katherine-good to hear from you friend and the red in your new piece is amazingly full of energy!