Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here's how one of us is adjusting:

Yes this little guy is doing just fine.  Yesterday at school he was "person of the day" and can you imagine anything better that that?  Well today was "red day" and we just happen to a have a super hero cape which is red (so it can get better...note the "lord of the flies quality to the 5 year old gang in red as they gather sticks and climb across the rocks in the creek).  We also had a three week monopoly tournament for which the grand prize was breakfast in bed (Sage actually helped whoever was winning but that did not dampen the sweet reward).  And we have our first ever pseudo organized sport (saturday mornings will never be the same).  So as you can see our littlest member is thriving here in our new town.  I have to say the other two are doing pretty well too.  Tomorrow I will write about how  bogged down by "stuff" I felt once we moved and some of the changes we have made to adjust to our new environment and  then on Monday I promise to start sharing new work....sweet dreams and hopes that you may be able to think of yourself as " person of the day" tomorrow!


gretchenmist said...

good news that they are doing well. must've been stressful wondering how they would take the whole move. he looks pretty happy there ~ hope you are too :)

the nest said...

bravo! snail mail address, please?

sending lots of love+hugs - annri

Leililaloo said...

What a sweet set of pictures. Takes me back all the way when i was little and playing in the woods...
And how great your children have found friends already, isn't that super important to be able to settle in a new enviroment?

Janice La Verne said...

Hooray, you are back!

I've thought of you often during the summer, glad you have landed.