Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new studio+new work

I have lots to share today so let's get started!  Above  is a peek at my new work space.  It is slightly larger than my last studio but I need to do something about the lighting (a floor lamp perhaps...) And (this is a biggie) I need to get used to working with the garage door rolled up (which leaves me  exposed to neighbors and dog walkers in this very pedestrian town). That being said I am still sooo grateful to have a dedicated spaced to work at home....and speaking of work here are two new pieces I completed over the weekend.  Both pieces deal with my oh-s0-familiar subject matter of house, home and identity but my thoughts on these subjects is changing (more on that tomorrow and a peek at a 36" x 36" piece I'm working on (yes i said 36 x 36 !).  See you tomorrow!
                                        " they told me the trees were magical"
                                                                  3.5 x 5 
                                             encaustic on solid maple block

                                                                      6 x 6
                                                      encaustic on maple panel 


the nest said...

what a great space! i understand about the fishbowl effect though... it seems as though your work does not suffer however. the new pieces are really great - the tree stump gives me a dr. seuss vibe, and i can relate to "identity".

i hope you're doing well, friend!

xo - annri

Tara Thayer said...

oh, beth. i so love "identity". will you be putting in your shop?
congrats on the new workspace-yay! i'm sure all sorts of good things will come out of there. at the very least, you'll meet the new neighbors. :-)

tangled sky studio said...

hi annri and tara,
i am doing well (thanks to the magic redwoods!) and yes tara "identity" is going into my shop later today...
i've had that image in my mind for some time now and figured very little explanation was needed!

artslice said...

I love identity too! Such a great image. (also like the rainbow on the tree stump :)
Your studio looks great... can't believe how fast you are up and running. Must be very organized. I saw your work today in the Halloween Somerset Studio magazine -congrats!!

gretchenmist said...

ooh, that would take a bit of getting used to! especially if you love to sing loudly while you work :)
but then u might make some good friends as a result.
love your new work, especially identity.

amanda blake said...

love the magical stump.
i had been planning a garage/studio at my last house - never got to it but what i was going to do was potted bamboo in a line out front a few feet from the garage door - shield the view from passersby and give you your own little private patio, seems like it would work well.

tangled sky studio said...

brenda: a little obsessive compulsive if truth be told but california may mellow me (or age). it is so exciting to see my work in print and my kids thought it was really cool....so thanks

belinda: sing, dance, drink wine...i can just picture you snipping and singing...what are you listening to these days?)

amanda: excellent idea friend!

Leililaloo said...

Your workspace really looks cool! Well, from my point of view anyway, having a to work in the family livingroom :) I do understand the fishbowl effect can be somewhat intimidating, and I would try what Amanda suggested.

See you are going full speed ahead with creating...I love the colors, Seems you have some light in your head again, hense the transparantcy in colors. The tree stump is delicious!