Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a mixed bag (of excitement and exasperation)


 My work was included in the Summer "Sisterhood" issue of Somerset Studio Magazine and  I can't tell you how excited I was to see my work in print in a real magazine.  This excitement was short lived however as things are becoming increasingly hairy around here.  I am not one to lose, misplace or forget things but I seem to be on overload and this is exactly what I have been doing.  I have misplaced test scores and prescriptions, left behind beloved blankie and bears and  missed appointments over the past week.  We are set to move near the end of this month and it is time for me to start packing up my studio (along with the rest of my home).  I am reluctantly reporting that I need to bid you all adieu for a bit.  It is difficult for me to commit to not writing because I so enjoy your company but I am really not good company for anyone these days (and I have much to get done in the next few weeks).  I promise to take lots of photos as I pack, travel across the country and set up a new studio and life among the redwoods of Northern California.  I will be back September 1st with stories to tell, pictures to share and (hopefully) lots of new work.  Until then here are a few places you can find me this summer:

Somerset Studio        July/August 2009
Artful Blogging           August 2009
Public Bookstore       Summer 2009
The Buzz (podcast)    Coming Soon....

ps:  i'll still be checking in on all of you!