Wednesday, October 19, 2011

nesting and knitting...

A new round of houseplants have found their way into my autumn nest. As I washed slipcovers, vacuumed out closets and tidied up before my mom and dad came to visit last week I had to face the fact that another couple of indoor plants had died. I'm great with outdoor flowers, shrubs and trees and I'm rocking the raised bed garden and have huge pots of herbs thriving just outside my kitchen door. But once a plant crosses the threshold and comes into my house it seriously has no more than 6 months to live. I water them, talk to them and need their cheery green company but I just can't seem to meet their needs over time. So, I have a couple of new, gorgeously alive plants and as usual I'm very optimistic about our relationship : ) Over the weekend I received and rolled six lush and lovely skeins of Quince and Co. yarn and started Annabel. It's been so long since I've knitted something on size 10.5 needles and it is knitting up so quickly I find it difficult to put down! If I can tear myself away from the meditative garter stitch I will begin working on two beautiful 6" x 22" panels that I picked up in the city yesterday on a mini field trip with a friend. I hope the middle of this week finds you all warm and well and I'll see you in a few days when I have some work to share.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Side project...

Hi there. I think I've mentioned before that I'm helping out with Sage's elementary school garden and now it's harvest time. Over the past week when I wasn't in the studio or getting little people (and not so little people) where they need to be (or finishing up knitting projects and reading this book) I've been busy helping parents and children harvest what's growing in the school garden. I am in charge of coordinating the dishes to be served at the "taste of the garden table" at tomorrow's Harvest Festival. Things were a bit stressful earlier in the week but everything is falling into place with lots of volunteers and helping hands now. I chose to pick lots of tomatillos for my dish and am also busy cooking other things and cleaning for my parent's visit this weekend. However, for dinner on this chilly and rainy Thursday, I'm planning to make a quick pot of tomato bisque to serve alongside it's bff grilled cheese. I couldn't resist the super lovely watermelon radishes (pictured above) at the farmer's market last weekend and am wanting to use them in some type of salad tonight...any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Going, going but not quite gone...

::places from the past colored her dreams::
::tick, tock (she found herself lost in the poetry of the seasons)::

As I finished up these two paintings in the wee hours I was thinking about how much more color has found it's way into my recent work. I am still smitten with (and wearing) lots of oatmeal, faded blue, lavender, rose or any shade of grey but my latest pieces have a bit more vibrancy than all that muted fall beauty. Maybe it's the lingering summer temps these past few weeks. Or, maybe it's the gorgeous zinnias growing in the raised beds (where all but the pole beans and chard are done for the season). Or maybe it's something more, something inside, something yet to be fully realized.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Waxing and waning...

most of the time i can't tell if i'm coming or going

most of the time i can't tell if i'm coming or going

This kind of says it all...see you Monday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art in the everyday...

Art takes many forms around here and this week I'm loving art in the form of the-oh-so-perfectly-me handmade shoes from the Aurora Shoe Company. I spotted their shoes on Soulemama's blog and was smitten with their product, their story and their commitment to craft ( them). The other everyday art I'm celebrating is the first home baked bread of the season. My starter died over the long hot summer and so last week when the skies darkened and the weather cooled down I created new starter and yesterday I used it to bake my first two loaves of Tartine's Country Bread. Grilled in a bit of olive oil and topped with an amazing pesto from the farmers' market (basil, greens, spinach, garlic & asiago) it was nothing short of food as art. As I was enjoying my meal I read a detailed NY Times article about Steve Jobs. Having already composed this post in my head I was really struck by his amazing and inspiring gift for putting art into everyday objects. He had the ability to create something we needed and make it something we wanted. I love both the art and science of my Mac and my iphone.

What everyday art do you celebrate?

the art of making a shoe:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Falling into place...

night shift
(under the full moon dreaming)

earth, sea, sky
(everything & still so much more)

Good morning to you on this beautiful Monday. I'm happy to report that all kiddos are back at school (although the oldest seems to be coming down with something) and that the weekend was just exactly what I needed it to be. I finished the two pieces pictured above over the weekend and am really loving the way the background color in the top one so perfectly captures the skies of the past week. And the whale, what can I say, I love that creature. Things seem to be falling into place with the school year one month in and after school activities in full swing. I have stumbled a bit finding my rhythm in this new (and very favorite) season. But I think the shift has occured and I am painting, cooking and knitting with a new joy and energy. How about you, have you settled into the season yet?