Monday, November 29, 2010

the start of something...

With the festivities over and a very quiet house I'm hoping to see more of you this week : )

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It took a lot of work to pull this all together...but I loved every minute of it : )

Hope you are all healthy, happy and full this holiday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple can be deceiving....

For the love of all things knit I was about to give up on this simple tank top. I finished the knitting of it last Thursday (after 10 long months) and I was all set to sew it up and post pictures of yet another completed knit project when things took a turn. The pattern is two identically knit pieces which are supposed to be matched up one right sided and one wrong sided with the front and back seams showing. I had a big problem with the seam as the two sides kept spooning when they were laid out as opposites. I must have sewn and undone the first seam 6 times (including once with the sewing machine which was a big mistake). The shoulder seams had similar issues as I was undecided about the seam showing or being invisible and every way I joined them they just looked sloppy. So after many failed attempts at getting this thing together I decided to flip the 2nd half and show the purl side of both pieces. This piece frustrated me to no end but I was determined to finish it (it will go with this skirt which i plan to finish before next summer) and this morning I'm happy to say it's moving to the finished pile. The less there is to something the better every bit of it has to be ( i know this to be true with food and yet sometimes i forget to apply it other things in life). So another yarn monkey is off my back and I'm ready to get back to painting tomorrow. Although, I did really enjoy the ease of the crochet edge around the arm and neck openings and started seriously thinking about starting some granny squares for an afghan. Any one know of a good tutorial on crocheted granny squares?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New work for the shop...

I just finished listing these three little blocks and a few other pieces on etsy. With the holiday season quickly approaching I think it's time for a bit of free shipping. Yep, free shipping until the end of November. Happy Day : )
See you here tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm just about to roast the potatoes and leeks for tonight's soup but I wanted to share this new painting which I was able to finish up over the weekend. Lately I find myself drawn to layered images and text. I'm finding the grey areas of my life so much richer and fulfilling (although messier) than what appears to be in front of my eyes. I was speaking to a friend yesterday and we laughed over the fact that we are both cursed with optimism. Not that there's anything wrong with optimism per se but I'm learning that if I can move beyond what I expect to happen I will arrive at what was supposed to happen. My optimism leads me to believe that things will work out and for the most part they do...but I guess I have a new appreciation for what gets us there. Life is in the details, right?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Easy peasy...

Just popping in to share some week night yumminess. This 20 minute white bean soup and the kid made sticky buns were a perfect ending to a long week ( i used bacon instead of pancetta and skipped the crostini).

Happy weekend : )

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

just in time...

Two scarves completed just in time for the chill which arrived today (with a grey sky which seemed a bit too wintery if you ask me). The pink and orange scarf has been in the works for two years (for real) and the blue one just about a year. What can I say.... I like the beginning of making, the picking colors, imagining what something could be. It's a time of excitement and possibility, you know? But lately I'm in the mood to wrap things up, finish old projects and give life to half finished beauties I have laying around. Anyways, I will be sharing a few of these old projects from time to time and will be sure to share the embarrassing amount of time each has been in progress. The painting pictured is coming along nicely and I have a few others in the works as well. The kids have a half day and there are things to take care of today and tomorrow but I'll see you over the weekend (or possibly Monday) with a few finished pieces.

So, are you into starting fresh or finishing things up these days?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks & treats x 3....

Yeah, I know.
Being home alone with this drawer after two weekends worth of company and lots of sheets to wash, laundry to do and dishes to clean could be dangerous. But as I've mentioned I'm much more savory than sweet so the kiddos stash is safe with me (well maybe just one tootsie roll to help me with the vacuuming) ; )

ps: see you tomorrow with some new works in progress...