Wednesday, June 26, 2013


::sun room before and after::

Greeting from Michigan!  We have been here about a week and a half and have been crazy busy nesting, unpacking and settling in.  C had to travel both weeks and so we worked very hard on the weekends doing two person jobs like ripping up (pink) carpet, laying hardwood flooring, taking down a mantle and (pink) tile work and beginning to tame a wild and over grown garden.   While he is away I have been busying myself with painting walls, prepping the fireplace surround for new tiles and weeding, weeding, weeding.  I am really happy with the way the sun room was transformed and we have been enjoying all of our meals there this past week. I haven't painted the windows yet and I have to say the natural wood is growing on me (maybe I'm just tired of painting?) The wood  mimics the color of the sisal rug in the room and the white oak flooring in the adjacent family room.  I think I will leave them for now but paint them white eventually...what do you think?  There will be more rooms to share as we continue to reinvent each space over time.  But getting the 1st two rooms (almost) done has quelled my nesting instinct and is helping this new house feel like our home.  I have been doing some encaustic work the past couple of nights and while my new studio is bigger and brighter, it is oh so much messier than my old space!  I'm trying to let go of my need for order go so that creating art and creating a home can happily coexist this summer....wish me luck : )

Thursday, June 13, 2013

moving day...

It's been awhile, right?  Moving day is tomorrow and the days leading up to it have been full of activity and emotion.  I am doing my best to manage it all but it's a lot.  I can see that now that I'm in it.  From a distance it didn't seem like it would be so much, but it's a lot.  Packing is almost complete and friends have offered us dinner.  So tonight we finish up here, say some more goodbyes and then tomorrow we get up early and start a new chapter.  Going back to Michigan brings us full circle and I've been giving that whole notion lots of thought.  I'm looking forward to settling into my new studio and getting back to work.  There are shows to prepare for, commissioned work to complete and new ideas to work out.  I'm looking forward to getting back to this space, back to cooking and back to many, many things that have been on hold these past few months.  I hope your summer is off to a bright and shiny start and I'll see you here soon : )