Tuesday, July 23, 2013

things that have gotten too big around here...

1.  the kapla block tower sage built (lasted a day and a half and fell when no one was near it)

2.  the nyt stack (which i am definitely planning to go through for images and text soon)

3.  the messes i seem to need to make on a daily basis as i get things where they need to be (sorry c!)

4.  the zucchini i missed the other day (perfect for a double batch of chocolate chip zucchini muffins : )

more soon...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

growing, painting and putting down roots-

my how time flies when you are in diy mode.  just to make an excuse for not being in the studio catch up a bit i'll fill you in on what i've been up to over the past two weeks.  i've painted two bedrooms (one the palest, airiest blue and the other the darkest navy black), refinished our old kitchen table which my mom generously gifted back to us, raised the garden fence from 4 ft to 7 ft high to keep out the deer, purchased a rug that matches my two sweet dogs, started the not-so-fun-but-the-price-is-right project of painting the oak kitchen cabinets the same black as the bedroom (benjamin moore aura matte paint in 'soot'...love.love.love.) and started to harvest the 1st bit of produce from our new garden.  there are peas, beans, chard, kale, arugula and lots of tomatoes filling the one bed we managed to clear and i planted two types of winter squash in the other bed which i am weeding bit by bit.  the heat is almost unbearable and so i have been trying to get out there a little in the morning but even at 8am the humidity is oppressive.  we are trying to do a lot with a little and so we are working like crazy but the kitchen will be our stopping point. all work and no play is no fun so we have also managed to do some exploring in our new/old town, do some stargazing in our backyard, visited evanston, enjoyed the beach and brought friends back to michigan to stay with us.  it's turning out to be a productive and busy summer and i am just way too tired to mess with capitals letters.  more soon...

Monday, July 1, 2013

new work!

Happily ever, ever, ever...
11.75" x 12"

Magical Thinking (or how dreams take flight)
13" x 11.5"

I am so, so happy to finally have new work to share here.  I can't even describe how good it felt to be back in the studio listening to music and painting into the wee hours late last week.  I am sharing my new studio space with a few moving boxes and a new stove awaiting it's place in the kitchen (more on that project later) but have enough room to work.  I love the color and energy in the top painting and the blue sky in the 2nd piece looks very much like the big blue michigan sky that I'm falling in love with all over again.  There are transformations and magical things going on around here and there is also lots of sorting things out and hard work.  Wishing you a lovely, lazy beauty filled sumer week : )