Monday, November 21, 2011

Let the cooking begin...

I love Thanksgiving. I love the traditional dishes, the family gathering, the moment of reflection on the good parts of very tough year and the smells which fill the house and take me back to all the other Thanksgivings I've ever celebrated. We spent a busy weekend cleaning and reorganizing parts of the house for our six house guests who will be arriving Wednesday. We also spent a little more time cleaning things up outside and going through tubs of winter gear to see who needs what this year. The house is in good shape and I'm turning my attention to the basics of the Thanksgiving Feast starting early this morning with the gravy base. I find gravy to be the lynch pin of the meal and the one thing that can throw off the rhythm in a kitchen full of people. I was so happy to find this make ahead gravy recipe in the NY Times a couple years ago and have used it every year since. That gravy base and this method for cooking in just the turkey (in just 50 minutes!) have turned my holiday into a pretty stress free event with delicious results. Our guests are bringing homemade rolls, pies and snacks and lots of love and laughter and I'm looking forward to their arrival. But right now there is work to be done so I'll see you back here next week and no matter how you celebrate or what's on your table I hope that it is fabulous...Happy Thanksgiving!

oh shipping in the shop now thru 12/17!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New girls...

::so beautiful::
::the surprise of memories::
::lost in wonder::
:: finding the poetry::
::growing strong::
::only in dreams::
::no sleep for a beauty who seeks adventure::

These little mavens hold many messages which I have gathered over the last few weeks. In the past I have created small groups of Party Girls (party hats) and Glamour Girls (crowns) but this time I added a few Dream Girls (black caps) to the mix. Each of the girls wears a dress of inspiration and carries a golden heart filled with love, patience, kindness and forgiveness. I love that no matter how many of these girls I create over time they all have something different to say. The four girls in the top row are 3.5" x 4" and the three girls in the bottom row are a wee 2" x 3.5". I'll be adding them to etsy later today or first thing tomorrow. I'm off to runs errands and tie up loose ends...what are you up to on this gorgeous Tuesday?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Block Party...

Block Party
(it takes all kinds)

Not much to report today except that I'm happily busy painting, baking bread, trying to finish Annabel (the curse of the simple sweater is that it allows your mind to wander and so I found myself repeatedly making mistakes and having to pull stitches back), folding loads of laundry, giving the chickens some free range time and starting on a weekend of yard clean up with three kiddos who had no school today. I finished the painting right up there very late last night and am loving the colors, the mood and the energy in this piece. I know which house in Block Party would be mine the question is...which house would be yours?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

lost in wonder...

The first snowflakes drifted through the air this morning so light and sparse and beautiful. It was yet another reminder (along with darkness at 4:30 pm) that autumn is behind us and we are heading gently into winter. Right now as I try to write this post, four men are cutting concrete and using a sledgehammer right outside my studio window. I'm not sure what they're doing or how long the mind numbing noise will go on but luckily I have a field trip planned. I'm heading to Owl Lumber to pick up a few large boards and some hopefully lots of scrap wood for painting. The collage I put together in my last post led me to an a-ha moment about a way to work larger and I'm super excited to get started on something. I was planning to start on a group of Party Girls and Glamour Girls this morning and have my wings, words and blocks all ready to go but they will have to wait until this evening. They are very patient girls and I realized yesterday just how long they have been missing from my shop. I worked late last night and have almost completed my 2nd 6" x 22" painting and will share that tomorrow. I've got beans in the slow cooker for dinner, just ordered lots of the best bacon ever to put in the freezer for soups, pots of beans and sunday morning breakfasts which is another sure sign of winter is upon us. Stay warm, be well and may you find yourself lost in wonder today.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In between dreams

in between dreams
6" x 22"

(a closer peek at in between dreams)

You know that time of the night in between dreams when rogue thoughts randomly appear and interrupt your slumber? This piece is kind of about that chain of events which changes the course of your thinking ever so slightly but just enough to matter. This is about those visual or verbal morsels which hang over your dreams like a cloud waiting for a break in the action to make an appearance. They can come from your something you saw, something you heard, something you meant to do. They can be from just yesterday afternoon or from your childhood. But, they are like a string to unravel and follow, a key to what you know to be true, a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

late night work...

Hard to believe it's been two weeks since I've been in this space. The days have fluttered by with many good things for which I needed to be fully present. There were two birthdays to celebrate in ways big and small, visits from family and an emerging writer's work to see performed live on stage, bulb planting with oh-so-many first graders, days way to warm to let go and days much to short to seem real. So after an unanticipated absence I'm back here and in the studio giving voice to the images and ideas that have been finding there way onto to post it notes, the backs of receipts and scraps of paper. I am in love with this time of the year and the sense of gathering and that it brings. Looking back, looking forward and remembering to enjoy the in between is what has been on my mind as I've been away. Last night, when the house was finally quiet I found my way back into the studio and started on the 6" x 22" panel shown above which had been patiently waiting for me. Once I started working it was hard to stop so I took some advice from Earnest Hemmingway who was known for saying he never stopped writing until he knew what came next. That makes perfect sense to me. Having somewhere to start is a good thing and though it doesn't necessarily mean you know where a thing will end it opens the door to finding out. See you soon...