Tuesday, March 24, 2015

these projects are not just going to finish themselves...

in progress

After reading this and this and pulling together the photo wall during a nasty two week virus I am feeling healthy and re-energized.  I jumped into more than one project over the weekend and started a few new paintings too.  Spring is the season for starting fresh and while I have everything I need to do the laundry/mudroom renovation I decided to start go rogue ( sorry c!) and start the stair and bathroom projects.  Not too exciting for you but it is very exciting for me.  We replaced the skinny little newel at the bottom of the stairs and I gave the new newel and the spindles and handrail a couple coats of white paint.  Next we will rip off the worn out and dirty green carpet and replace it with a lighter more neutral wool.  I think I like the color on the upper right side (oatmeal) but am waiting for a larger sample to come in so I can get a better visual.  I am painting the double vanity in the kids bathroom and the single one in ours a deep grey and am adding the same brushed nickel hardware I used on the kitchen cabinets.  Small changes that make a big difference when trying to work with what you have.
I am trying to finish up a few pieces for an upcoming Artstream show, started a new house painting and am slowly moving forward with the chair series.  I recently had work accepted into two local juried shows and am super excited to have work hanging at U of M currently and at Gallery 117 next month. It's tech week for my big kids (who seem to be getting sick), my youngest has a big report due and we are looking for the last of the college letters to arrive this week.  Big stuff and busy times as this new season desperately tries to take hold.  Wishing it would warm up just a bit more but am loving the light these days and hope it is shining bright for you too.  These projects aren't going to finish themselves....so back to work :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's going on....

the photo wall complete::new works in progress

Good Morning.  I am so happy to share my finally-after-more-than-a year-in the making-photo-wall.  Actually,  for just over a year I have had old unframed black and white photos taped to the photo wall as a placeholder for this project.  The project itself took just over a week to complete start to finish.  I had already decided that rather than try to include all the relatives and risk leaving anyone out I would make this a family wall.  I included each of the kids big and small, c & I, pets that meant so much to us and special places and things that define our family narrative.  Editing and resizing the photos in photoshop took the most time with some images just not working in the 10"x10" format I wanted to use.  And then there was the issue of the frame I chose (and sized all the photos to match) not being available any more (i was able to gather 20 of them by driving all over the place!).  It was a time consuming project but I am really happy with the way it turned out and am so happy to check that project off the list.
Over the weekend I started work on a new series which is tentatively titled 'Town and Country'.  The images are loosely based on barns and homes I pass every and the color combinations are just a slight brightening of a palette I have been drawn to lately.  I used R&F paint sticks and oil pastels for the structures and background and once they are dry I will apply clear encaustic medium over them and add some image transfers and incised detail.  The larger painting with the barn will have a walking path cobbled together from the bits of newsprint I have laid out which leads to what will be a pond at the top of the piece.  I like where these are going but need to give them the time to dry so now I am off to thrift for costume pieces for the High School Play :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

color is seeping in...

1/2 Dozen Standing Together
Heart Wide Open::Tuned In::She Wore Her Story

Temps in the mid 50's are a welcome change and the bright sunshine adds a little color to just about everything, including my work.  It's been a busy week with just a little studio time but I did manage to finish up these small pieces that I started last week.  And,  I started a new chair series that I am totally loving but it is only at the beginning stage so there's still plenty of ways to mess it up!  Once I figure out where it's going I'll share some pics.  Is color seeping into your world and work too?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

visual mending-

sashiko stitching

This is my 1st attempt at Sashiko mending (there is tons of sashiko inspiration to be found here and here). I thought about adding another patch on top of the bottom right part but I think I'm just going to leave it and move on to the next garment in need of repair.  My leg was cold and now it's not. So happy.