Thursday, March 12, 2015

color is seeping in...

1/2 Dozen Standing Together
Heart Wide Open::Tuned In::She Wore Her Story

Temps in the mid 50's are a welcome change and the bright sunshine adds a little color to just about everything, including my work.  It's been a busy week with just a little studio time but I did manage to finish up these small pieces that I started last week.  And,  I started a new chair series that I am totally loving but it is only at the beginning stage so there's still plenty of ways to mess it up!  Once I figure out where it's going I'll share some pics.  Is color seeping into your world and work too?

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Carole Reid said...

Yes, colour is seeping in again. It's time for some sun and warmth and daffodils etc. The little painting I bought from you a while back has travelled from my mantle to the top of a larger painting hanging in the dining room. It looks sweet up there. I posted it on by blog a week or so ago. Happy spring to you, Beth.