Monday, October 3, 2011

Falling into place...

night shift
(under the full moon dreaming)

earth, sea, sky
(everything & still so much more)

Good morning to you on this beautiful Monday. I'm happy to report that all kiddos are back at school (although the oldest seems to be coming down with something) and that the weekend was just exactly what I needed it to be. I finished the two pieces pictured above over the weekend and am really loving the way the background color in the top one so perfectly captures the skies of the past week. And the whale, what can I say, I love that creature. Things seem to be falling into place with the school year one month in and after school activities in full swing. I have stumbled a bit finding my rhythm in this new (and very favorite) season. But I think the shift has occured and I am painting, cooking and knitting with a new joy and energy. How about you, have you settled into the season yet?


Carole said...

The shift into this colder season means moving back indoors, baking apple or pumpkin pies, and settling back into house and studio. A lovely time of year.

artslice said...

I love autumn, it's my favorite season... so I'm taking it all in and savoring. I'm so glad your groove is back with all the kids in school and time to paint!! Love your new work.

I'm anticipating getting back into the studio - I've been crazy sick for almost 2 wks... walking pneumonia. But, on the mend slowly.