Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi Peeps!

How I missed you!  I finished setting up my new work space yesterday and can't wait to start painting once I finish giving you the skinny on what's been going on around here.  Since I last wrote here are a few of the things that have filled my days:

playing games
filling out paperwork
more paperwork
more unpacking
yep...it's been a busy couple of weeks. 

 We are settled in for the most part and school has started so I'm back to work in earnest.  My plan is to share a bit about the cross country trip and my new home and studio this week while I get started on  a few pieces inspired by my new surroundings.  

PS:  Thanks to everyone who convo'd and emailed me about the Somerset Studio and Artful Blogging features! 


the nest said...

gasp! you're back! i'm so glad to hear from you... i've missed you.

wow, it sounds (and probably feels) like you've climbed a couple of those mountains in your beautiful pics! i hope you've managed to take care of yourself during that time too.

i'm looking forward to the updates - your perspective on home, art, everything never fails to inspire me!

lots of love + hugs - annri

sammi said...

hurray! stalking an absent person wasn't working very well....

tangled sky studio said...

hi annri and sammi,
today i have been walking around town felling like "I"M ALIVE AGAIN!" Getting back to creating and writing is like a deep breath of fresh air....good to be back!

Kim Klassen said...

hi there
i just discovered you in artful blogging. the article was beautiful, so is your blog and artwork. congratulations!

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
Congrats on your move... and getting settled in. It sounds like a lot of work and change - but you made it! Yay!!! I missed you as well :)

Think I'm feeling like I might be 'ALIVE AGAIN' too now that school has started. It was a bit shakey the first day - wondering if a call would come about a sobbing little boy. But, he did great! Congrats to your little guy... 'Person of the day' is a big deal for a kindergartener. (or anybody for that matter.)
Welcome back!

gretchenmist said...

So great to hear what you have been up to and that you are getting back into it. Have missed you too, am glad you are back in this space ~ thanks for your visits.
Hope the kids are settling in well :)

Leililaloo said...

Dear dear Beth, I am so glad you feel like getting back out there. I missed your vieuws on life and art so much. I hope you and your family are feeling at home at least a little bit by now. I look so much forward reading your peices again and leaving comments.. HURRAYYYYYYY YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

j smith said...

Stumbled on your blog the other day and enjoyed looking through your previous posts. When I saw your painting titled "clarity" I was hooked...Thanks for a good read and so much inspiration.

amanda blake said...

welcome back to normal life!
i just bought my first issue of artful blogging the other day after noticing your piece on the cover, congratulations on all the great press.

tangled sky studio said...

hi ladies...thanks for the warm welcome back!!!!!

jess gonacha said...

What an adventure! Those photos look incredible. I bet you had such a good time!