Friday, May 18, 2012

saying goodbye to clutter-

And saying hello to a beautiful, clean, well lit space to create.  After meeting a big deadline, packaging up lots of work for shipping and having an "intern" in my studio over the past few weeks I'm afraid my bits and pieces had taken on a life of their own.  As I tried to get some painting done mid-week I found myself uninspired and overwhelmed by the mess of newsprint bits, gold leaf, blocks of all shapes and sizes and the bumpy wax spills covering my work table.  After avoiding the studio for two days I decided to get on it and cleared everything out.  I recovered the tables, sorted through the paper bits, keeping what I still loved and getting rid of what I didn't.  I came across many buried treasures and got right to work in my shiny and clean space.  I've heard that artists are notoriously messy and can can create in a sea of clutter and  chaos but I just can't do it.  It's like the clutter creeps into my brain and muddles things up.  In addition to needing to clear my head,  I have three women driving down from Wisconsin on Monday for an Encaustic Workshop* and needed to prep my supplies for that class.

H a p p y w e e k e n d t o y o u !

* I think a lot about teaching and while I don't formally advertise classes, if you are anywhere near Chicago and are interested in playing with wax, you can contact me and we might be able to set something up for your group of 2-4 people.  

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artslice said...

Oh, I wish I was near Chicago... I'd be in your class in a heartbeat!

It's a great feeling to have a clean studio. Sadly, I'm one of the other kinds who can create in a heap of junk everywhere. But, after 10 years of living in this house I finally cleaned up my 2 studios!!! Trying to be neater now, we'll see ;)