Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"I am in love with the world."

"I am in love with the world." was the 1st thing Maurice Sendak said in an interview with Terri Gross that bought a tear to my eye.  When I heard him say that simple sentence, I thought, me too, I am in love with the world.  He passed away today at the age of 83. As I was out running errands, I heard snippets of different interviews Terri had done with him over the years on Fresh Air.  There were many things he said that brought tears to my eyes, in fact, I had to skip my last errand after the last bit on living and dying.  I knew him as an amazing artist and author but as I listened today I realized he was more than that.  He was an amazing human being with a gift for stirring the soul.  


whimsygal said...

thank you for this post....I am going to try to find out more about this artist and author that my children and I LOVE

artslice said...

He was such a force all in his own way. My fave work of his is the set decoration for the Pacific NW Ballet's (Seattle) production of The Nutcracker. Absolutely otherwordly and wonderful. A soul to be missed for sure.

Fine said...

That IS one beautiful and touching statement. I will have to get more information on him, he sounds really intriguing!