Friday, February 24, 2012

(looking back, looking in)

Memories of the sea live in all of my senses.  This tiny vial of sand brings to life the sound of breaking waves, the feel of hot sand shifting underfoot, the smell and taste of salty water, the fog shrouded coast and a time long ago and far away.  The house in this painting is a monoprint from a series I created while living in Northern California, the sand is from Tennessee Valley Beach and the copper on the bottom is a scrap I found and etched with waves.  I've been thinking about the elements in this piece for a long time and am really happy with the way they finally came together.  Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!


Kim Baise said...

this is the sweetest little beach house <3

artslice said...

This is so lovely and speaks to my own longing for water and beach. Will you explore this subject more?

tangled sky studio said...

brenda-yes...more water work to come : )