Thursday, April 15, 2010

paper and wax...

                                                   forever (home)
           encaustic monoprint::machine stitching::pinholes::on paper

Here is one of three pieces I'm sending off to Eyebuzz Gallery for the "Paper" show.  It took a bit of work to reconstruct my ideas and get the wax and paper to make nice.  I started by trying to use the whole piece of paper and get the saturation of color found in my other encaustic work but in a moment of clarity I decided to use more white space around my "story houses".  After all isn't the idea of home as a buffer, a haven, an island of refuge that holds our dearest memories what I'm really trying to represent here....why yes, it is.

ps:  we're off to yosemite for a few days and i'm super excited (the kid's don't realize just how breathtaking it's going to's the kind of beauty that moves me to tears).  Have you been?  


the nest said...

firstly, about your last post, "me too!" I have great memories of laughing through tears reading Operating Instructions. I'm going to check out the others you mentioned, thanks.

i love your homemade home mixed media! much like our own homes, no?

have a great weekend trip!!!

xo - annri

Tara Thayer said...

oh oh oh!!!!
and have a great trip. can you swing by tarrytown next saturday on your way back home, by any chance???

Kolleen said...

i adore this home!!!

wishing you a happy, adventurous, inspiring, awesome, memory creating trip!!!!

Yosemite is on my list to visit this year....i don't think it is too far of a drive for me?!


tangled sky studio said...

annri-yep especially this one in a lovely shade of blue
tara-i think & hope that you will love them and you know i WILL get to tarrytown one of these days...
kolleen-it's a must see it to believe it kolleen (i'll share some photos on monday...)

gretchenmist said...

this is beautiful. i was intrigued by your sneek peak of your work on paper in an earlier post.
re joanna newsome, i'm interested to hear if you like her!!
have a great time away.

chrissy said...

your home is nothing short of surprise!
i love the threadless stitches.

artslice said...

Love the google sign with tiny holes! Have a great time on your trip... I've never been there.

Janice La Verne said...

beautiful, really beautiful. love this work on paper.

and... not often do I work with words, if I have in the past i have smeared the old rubberstamps. but I'm liking this....

heather smith jones said...

Oh you tried pinhole. :)