Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The rain is keeping me from my studio as is the daunting task of the large commissioned piece I mentioned in my last post. I have the background prepped but need to wander and search to find just the right bit of something to get that piece underway. The image above shows a few of many pieces of a unfinished wooden bunk bed I'm painting black for Sage's room in the old house. Every bit of countertop is covered with slats (propped up on the kid's wooden blocks) and we had to do pizza for dinner last night. I think I've got about half the pieces painted already and am going to clear everything away and clean up so I can make banana bread this afternoon. As our time here winds down my thoughts have turned to the old house and getting us settled back in. There were many things we sold or donated before we left and so there is some shifting that has to occur to make it feel like home again. With advanced planning I can usually have us unpacked and settled in within a week. That said, I have been busy pre-nesting by sketching out rooms, repurposing furniture and figuring out how it all fits back together. This happens every time we move and while I truly love the art of reinvention it's exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. What I really need is to get back into the studio and get my house off my head for a bit.....


the nest said...

House head... that reminds me that I gifted some of your cards to a good friend, and her exclamation was, "I want that hanging in my house!" So, I directed her to your website... 'natch!

Task at hand, one thing at a time, focus; it's all hard, isn't it?

Take care, friend. <3

justagirl said...

Are you moving back to your old house? I think I have missed something? I hope everything gets settled for you soon.

Leililaloo said...

I whish you so much renewing, rerfreshing and inspirational energy my friend for this new adventure in your life. Of one thing i am absolutely sure, your art is getting deepend by this. I can see it in every new piece you show us here on your blog. You have made some fantastic paintings in the past motnhs, no doubt the harder bits of life have something to do with that.

tangled sky studio said...

annri-hard but in a good way. i just feel like my wheels are spinning sometimes.
kathryn-yes we're heading back to evanston at the end of june
dana-this past year has been transformative in too many ways to count....

Janice La Verne said...

Hi Beth... well, my hat is off to your amazing organization re: moving. G and I have moved a couple times and it almost clobbered us!

It's been pouring and windy here, but there is a little bit of sun right now. I'll wish you good studio time soon.

Leililaloo said...

Beth, your newest work shows this transformation totally in it's dept and beauty!I can't wait to see more :))

chrissy said...

i love that you are journeying back to a "new-old" house. a house you will make a home.
i.ve been thinking a lot about homes lately.
what makes them?
what makes them not?
i love that you paint furniture in your kitchen.
i do that too.
you are a dear.
you seem content amidst the storms of life.
(and you take time to enjoy the rainbows!)
huge hugs to you beth.