Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking it all in....

 The trip to Yosemite this past weekend was amazing.  The beauty that surrounded us in the forms of ancient trees, massive walls of granite, rushing waterfalls and meadows full of wildflowers beginning to bloom filled us all up.  Mother nature is the best. artist. ever.   And speaking of art did I ever mention that I've seen more rainbows since moving to Mill Valley 9 months ago than I have in my entire life. Seriously, I can't even count how many it's been but yesterday morning I saw the mother of all rainbows.  As I was leaving school in the morning it appeared. All of the children came out of their class rooms and as I walked home groups of people on the street were all looking, pointing and taking photos trying to capture it's fleeting beauty.  Of course it was consumed by a grey sky by the time I got home and so I can't share an image but it got me to thinking about the different ways we absorb nature and how rainbows truly are soul food. I'm afraid not much painting is being done this week as I've been playing catch up with the house.  However,  I am working on some sketches for a commissioned encaustic piece and I'm making a batch of tomato marmalade today so I may have a few things to share later in the week.  What fills you up (and where do you keep all the extra)?


Leililaloo said...

'What fills you up?' What a good question that is Beth. Think we should all think about that more often. Because I believe thinking about that will also automatically bring us closer to what fills us up.

So okay my turn, what fills me up?

I am afraid I am going to give you the mother of cliché answers ; MY CHILDREN fill me up…for they are the most loving, the most precious , the most beautiful, the most inspirational, the most cherished by me in my life.

tangled sky studio said...

rainbows are pretty cliché as well but you know what i'm realizing as i get older is that it doesn't just have to be one thing that fills you fact i've got a big list to draw from these days.

Dyche Designs said...

Yosemite is an amazing place, I did a weeks trip there several years ago and so wish I could go back.

I find different things fill me up on different days . . . it can be family, friends, travel, new experiences, nature, food (I have a sweet tooth) and the list goes on.

Kolleen said...

what a wonderful post and question....and i couldn't agree more that rainbows are soul food....what a yummy way to describe them.

so many things fill me children first and foremost....watching them grow and change daily, seeing through their eyes, listening to them laugh and fight....the love my husband has for me fills me is something i had never known before and to have someone love you....REALLY. LOVE. YOU... ALL of you....well, i don't know that there is anything quite like that!! music and art fill me up...i could go on and on!!!!

happy wednesday to you....loved the pics of your trip and i cannot wait to get my booty there!!!


tangled sky studio said...

dyche design-weeks in yosemite must bring the kind of fill up that lasts and lasts...what a great adventure.

i agree kolleen there are so many things that feed different parts of us....i hope you make it to yosemite soon (before the crowds).

gretchenmist said...

beautiful photos ~ sounds like a pretty lovely weekend.
funny i've been analysing what fills me up over the last couple of weeks of no coffee, alcohol, chocolate, chilli etc {for health issues rather than any desire for purity!} ~ feeling kind of empty without these little things that usually make daily life enjoyable!
that said, i've been really enjoying watching the sun rise from the pool in the mornings. catching the last warm days and excercising has been making me feel good!
kids + art are pretty good too :)

Ludid said...

what a perfect place to be as we celebrate earth day. what fills me up is seeing my son trying to chase a squirrel or birds. little moments like that.

artslice said...

Yum tomato marmalade... sounds really good. (never had it).
I think when the seasons change, the new one occuring now - Spring is everywhere in our town. It gets to be a lot for me. So exciting and new... plus we get to enjoy it for awhile.
Watching my kids get excited about a cat on a doorstep or a pink frosting cookie... I'm
'running over' by then. :) And, of course, looking at fabulous art.