Monday, April 5, 2010

The goings-on around here...

I know I've been a wee bit scarce around here so I thought I'd give you the skinny on what's been going on.  As you know we are moving back to Evanston at the end of the school year and so I've begun talking to movers, planning an amazing (albeit brief) cross country road trip which will take the five of us and a small dog to Portland OR,  Boise ID,  Jackson Hole WY, Custer SD and Madison, WI.  I have been reconnecting with doctors, orthodontists, schools and taking care of  lots of other boring but necessary stuff.  In addition to these things Chuck has been interviewing (after 10 years at his current company), put in his notice(two weeks ago) and started a new job this morning(he's really excited).  You know the old saying there is no "I" in team and this team in in the midst of chaos (actually we're kind of on the down side now and i feel really inspired and energized).  But we are thriving and doing well and just trying to make our way home.  We attended a lovely going away party for Chuck Thursday night and then spent Friday afternoon up Healdsburg (our favorite part of wine country).  And though the weather continued to be chilly and rainy we enjoyed a cozy Easter weekend complete with egg dying, baskets of candy, Ina's Croque Monsieur , J's yummy Brut Rose and an unexpected visit from good friends.  The paper in the photo above is so exciting to me as I am participating in the upcoming "Paper" show at Eyebuzz Gallery.  I have many ideas about how I want to combine encaustics and paper and I'm off to experiment right now.  So thank you for sticking around and be sure to stay tuned for lots of waxy goodness to come ( and at least one installment of what not to do with wax and paper...  : )


Elizabeth said...

Good luck with all the things that still need to be done before you move back home.

And a new exhibition, congratulations!!!!

chrissy said...

dear beth.
hang in there dear.
the BEST thing i read in this post was that you are taking your family + dog to jackson hole, wyoming!
MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH! spent summers there for 41 years now.
my family has a place there and it is MAGICAL!
i could go on and on but i guess i.ll send you an email.
i am so happy for you about your upcoming "paper" exhibit! can.t wait to see what you come up with for that.
it WILL BE wonderful of course.
my prayers are with you as you stick all the pieces of the puzzle together.
happy "busy" week to you.

tangled sky studio said...

elizabeth-thanks, i'm super excited about the paper work!
chrissy-i added a little note in my text to say that i'm actually feeling inspired and re-energized as we just worked through lots of details and it's all good!

the nest said...

wow, beth! reading your post has been exhilarated and exhausted all at once, so i think you've expressed yourself perfectly, because i think that's how you're feeling, right?!

love to you all!

Kolleen said...

sending you many many loads of good wishes on this new adventure in your life!!!!

it sounds like it is all just "coming together"!!

congrats on your exhibition....i am excited to see what to do and what NOT to do with wax and paper!!! ; )

sending love

artslice said...

What a whirlwind of activity! It all sounds like winds of change in a good way. I LOVE Healdsburg... what a cute little town square. (and a wonderful needlepoint shop - if it's still there). Your trip plans sound great! I wish you good luck as your move date draws closer.

Art and Clasp said...

What an exciting time! Your eggs look wonderful, can't wait to see what you do with that paper :)

Janice La Verne said...

Hi Beth!

Lots of news...we are in Eugene, 2 hrs. south of P'land. Would be glad to host you and your family if you need a break while heading north!

Portland is a very fun city... we were just there...

Can't wait to see paper and wax works.

Healdsburg is the home of Richard Dibenkorn, one of my fave artists...

gretchenmist said...

congrats re the paper show ~ am curious to see what you make.
sounds like you've been super busy and having some fun too.
{when does the school year end for you?}

Leililaloo said...

I feel i've missed a whole chunk of your life story after reading your post here. I feel a bit confused, did not know you were thinking of moving back 'home' so soon. I must keep better track of your posts i guess, i am so sorry... How on earth are you really feeling about moving AGAIN??? I know I could'nt possibly do it again so soon. We just moved house (within the same city mind you)last November, it feels like a nightmare to me if i had to pack it all up after just barely having unpacked it all. My paryers will be with you as well, and i whish you a lot of energy and luck and what else you need to go through it again dear Beth.