Thursday, February 23, 2012

round and round and round...

Mix, rest, make, bake, repeat.  This chain of activity seems to repeat itself over and over most days around here (of course pizza is not always involved).  There is wax, paint, yarn, thread, fabric, cookie dough, veggies of all shapes and colors and beans-a-plenty to cook up creative yumminess.  Last summer I decided it was time to thin out my ever growing collection of pizza crust recipes  and find a perfect go to recipe for awesome homemade pizza.  One by one recipes ended up in recycling either because they were too labor intensive, too dry or not quite crisp enough.  The one recipe I was planning recommend as my favorite is Williams Sonoma's Thin Crust Pizza Dough.  It is quick to make, easy to handle, can be rolled thin with a rolling pin (which is great for little helping hands) and bakes up nice and crisp with a good chew.  But then, just last week,  Jim Lahey's No-Knead Pizza Dough arrived in my mailbox it on the cover of Bon Appetit begging for another chance.  This recipe still takes 18-24 hours but seems to have less steps than the one which ended up in the bin.  It was easy to mix, easy to rest, easy to shape, easy to bake to crispy perfection in my home oven and made enough for two meals.  So now I have two go to recipes that can turn any night into a that.

ps:  new work to share tomorrow.

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