Friday, February 3, 2012


small talk, big love

outside and in

sometimes i get ahead of myself

where it's at

she felt spring take her by the hand

there was something between them (that day at the beach)

Between the beginning and the end of this week there were three kiddos home on three different days even a mama who caught the nasty little bugger of a cold. Fortunately for all of us it was short lived and today everyone is back at school and I was able to wrap up this new group of paintings (so I can reopen my etsy shop as planned). I'm not sure if it's the extra time indoors, the mood of the more-often-than-not-grey skies or the gentle murmur of spring that brings it on but I feel a creative shift every year right around this time. I fall in love all over again with my studio and find myself knitting into the wee hours of the morning and cooking or baking when my hands aren't in wax or wool. I've got another cook in the kitchen these days(theo), a new knitter in the house(sage) and someone shadowing me to learn about the "science" of working in encaustics(phoebe). So things are busy, busy, busy but in all the best ways.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend : )


artslice said...

I love how your life is made up of wax and wool... among other things. I hear a poem in there somewhere :)

Love your new beachy couples, so glad to see them again! (I have one of 'em and still loving it)

Waiting for the shop doors to open:)

Happy Friday, glad you shook the cold!

Angie said...

I love encaustic works, maybe one day I'll give them a go :)

Patricia Sahertian said...

nice colors and collage elements. love this series.

Carole said...

I love each one. Glad you're feeling better.