Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The straggler....

Yes. I have a straggler.  One of the six paintings I was planning to ship off today decided that even though she was the first to arrive at the party she was also going to be the last to leave. Here's her story:   I picked her dress as soon as I was invited to participate in Nahcotta's "Spring" show and the crow on her head was a must have accessory.   But then,  this little lady kind of skulked off on her own in that oh-so-close-to-complete state while I worked on five other paintings.  It was only as the party was breaking up and everyone was just about to hit the road  that she got her second wind and demanded a bit of oil paint.  Really?  Slow as a snail's pace drying oil paint?  I couldn't say no.  It was just exactly what she needed.  So I added a bit of Walnut Alkyd to the oil paint to speed up the drying process and am blowing on her each time I walk by in hopes of being able to finish her by this evening.  Tomorrow I will load up the fed-ex box and ship off a group of six "Spring" paintings and give you a sneak peek.  Until then I'll be watching paint dry....sigh.


the nest said...

does oil paint behave like a pot of water...? may be best not to watch it... as cute as it is!

xo - annri

chrissy said...

oh beth....
she DID need the crow.
crows are at times, absolutely NECESSARY!
i do love her and can.t wait to see all her friends.
of course, it.s always okay to be "fashionably" late to the party.
you are so darling.
i am waiting on my piece from you...i KNOW you sent it, but my hubby has the ONLY mail key and he has been gone...and it.s KILLING me.
just know that i CAN.T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE i am so thrilled to open her!
i also have to tell you that you REALLY made me want to sneak on over to your home, grab some drinks, smell the jasmine and just chat with lovely you!
maybe someday....
loves to you beth.