Monday, March 1, 2010

A Slight Adjustment....

There's been a subtle shift in the way things feel around here.  Last week was full of mishaps, mayhem and disappointments.  Looking back at it now with the cushion of a beautiful weekend between me and those happenings I can see that it was a transitional week.  Do you ever have those....when everything just goes wrong, to set you up for what's coming next?  The hard part of going through one of those weeks is that when you're in it you forget the whole cosmic, bigger picture thing and it can swallow you up.  But now, today, I'm on the other side of it and it makes sense.  Spring is showing it's lovely face in so many places it's pretty much taken over my thinking.  There are buds (and even flowers) on most trees and bushes, sunny days are beginning to outnumber rainy ones and the birds exuberance each morning is infectious.  The timing of this attitude adjustment is perfect as I've been invited to participate in Nachotta Gallery's next show entitled "Spring" (the 9x12" painting above is the first of six for that show). So right now I have a pile of freshly cut blocks, the garage door is rolled up, the birds are singing and the wax is heating so I'm off to paint.  Happy March to you and I'm wondering, have you noticed a shift?


nacherluver said...

Lovely post. Lovely observations.
I will live vicariously through you with your seasonal shift until it reaches the Midwest and I can feel it myself.
I understand the attitude shift. I understand forgetting about the other side when feeling stuck in the middle of something not so good feeling.
Love how you worded the entire entry and love the feeling of relating and understanding. Reading your post reminds me I am not alone in any of it :)
Love the picture.

Looking back at my response, I guess I'm in a loving mood!

Love to you

tangled sky studio said...

nacherluver-it always amazes me how communal so many of our experiences are...there's comfort in that.

Kim Hambric said...

The next time I am having one of those weeks (am I having one now), I will remember this post and know that better things are coming.

I love the "Spring" piece -- there's something about that ladder.

Dyche Designs said...

What a lovely blog post. It's hard when your right in the middle of one of those funks to think things are going to get better but they usually do. It's the not so great times that make the good ones all that more special.

Love the artwork too. Have a fantastic week.

justagirl said...

Thanks for reminding me of this shift. I will remember to remember that it will be ok again next time it happens.

Of course being in New Zealand our seasonal shift is different, things are getting slightly cooler, the nights are drawing in a wee bit earlier... I am so looking forward to getting rid of these hot hot hot days.

Love this new piece... and congrats on being asked to be a part of Nachotta's next show.

Anonymous said...

I think I am in the week you had last week. Thanks for reminding me of the bigger picture with your beautiful words and lovely first art work for the's wonderful. I also wish to spend just fa few minutes with the chirping birds.

chrissy said...

you have such beauty and wisdom in your words.
the shift.
i guess i wasn.t realizing what it was i was experiencing until you put words to my emotions.
thank you.
i love your new piece.
enjoy the breeze through the open garage door.
blow some bubbles with your kids today.

the nest said...

yes, definitely a shift today. am i so subject to the turn of a calendar page? or was it being able to drive with the windows down a bit? the sun is helping. the sounds of snow melting...

i adore that painting! congratulations on the show! they will be glad that they've included you. :)

love - annri

gretchenmist said...

i love this piece and congrats on your new show :)
the start of spring is priceless. am glad you are past the disappointment.
we are slightly shifting the other way here, which isn't a bad thing. i quite like the cool change {at the start anyway!}

Gloria said...

Really lovely painting! Love it!

Leililaloo said...

Dear beth, i am so glad you feel like you feel right now. And it's so soothing for me to have someone remember me to keep faith in the bigger picture. Feeling spring comming really sometimes feels like a medicine for the soul, don't you think? Congratulations Beth, what a great opportunity the exibition.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm IN one of those spaces at the moment. And yes, it feels overwhelming when you're here. Thanks for your insight... that this is only temporary and the growing pains prepare the way for spring.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm IN one of those spaces at the moment. And yes, it feels overwhelming when you're here. Thanks for your insight... that this is only temporary and the growing pains prepare the way for spring.

the nest said...

hi, it annri. i think 7's would be fine and malabrigo would be divine! i got 18 sts over 4 inches on 8's with lamb's pride worsted & noro kureyon. what color?!