Friday, March 26, 2010

the Earth is singing (are you listening?)

                                                    :: Happy Friday::

        If you need a little more "happy" in your day check this might just do the trick.  


the nest said...

grinning from ear to ear! thank you; indeed, i needed that.

Janice La Verne said...

yep, i'm listening... to the beautiful sound of rain on the studio roof, squish when i walk on the grass and... couldn't think of a third one...

but just wanted to say hi!

justagirl said...

That is the second time I have seen ok go this morning... it is amazing, thank you.

tangled sky studio said...

my pleasure...have a great weekend a, j and k!

Kolleen said...


thank you beth!

happy friday to you

Art and Clasp said...

So good! Around 1:10 it looks like the singer is about to bust up laughing and lose it but he recovers.

I just linked to your blog from my humble one, I love your work!

rachel awes said...

i am.
& it is sweet & pretty.