Friday, January 15, 2010

Add it to the list...

                                   between them they had lived many places
                                    (but none as right as next to each other)
                                                in her head she counted
                                            (but in her heart she listened)

:: two new paintings to add to the shop**
:: 6 paintings nearly completed for the "enormous tiny art show"
:: a custom order
:: 2 panels of "the skirt" pinned and partially stitched
:: a last minute birthday gift for saturday 1/2 done
:: broken scanner about to be returned (argg...)
:: date night with C
:: muir woods with friends 
:: and a friend's birthday celebration here's a good thing this is a long weekend.  I was barely able to scrape together lunches today and am off to find goodies to fill the fridge.  I'm definitely planning to make Ina's lentil soup this weekend (a friend made this recipe for me  a few weeks ago (with brown french lentils) and it was fabulous) and have added this to the list of new family favorites (made it twice this week).  The other day when I signed off to enjoy lunch and Mark Bittman I happened to have the radio on for the dog (another story) and "This American Life" came whose idea was it to put that on in the middle of a Wednesday?  Of course once Ira started talking I was glued to the radio (who isn't?) as I ate my salad and then a program on Martin Luther King Jr. came on and I listened as I stitched (the skirt) and was so moved by the snippets of his powerful and humble words that I left for kindergarten pick up with tears in my eyes.  I didn't get to hear the entire program but it is being replayed Monday sometime and I'm planning to listen to it with the kiddos.  They have asked in the past about MLK and what he did and my words always seem to fall short of the mark.  "King's Last March" should remedy that....I love NPR.  

** 30% of the sale from these two pieces will be donated to the red crosses effort in Haiti


chrissy said...

beth...your pieces are wonderful! (as always)!
they always bring a smile to my face.
i love that you are donating some of the proceeds to the efforts in haiti...i watched CNN with my children and was brought to tears.
we really are so very blessed in this country of ours.
how do you find the time to knit and cook and sew AND paint lovely pieces and be a mom and all that entails as well? you are wonderwoman!
enjoy your time with friends.
i envy that.
hope you order some yorkshire pudding at your dinner...that place looks so quaint. how fun.

Tara Thayer said...

procrastinator, reformed?
i love these two pieces beth. can't wait to see your paintings for nahcotta. so exciting!
have a great weekend. muir woods + friends sounds amazing.

betsy said...

Beth, I love that top piece so much. I'm so looking forward to seeing your work in person at the nahcotta opening.

Janice La Verne said...

ok... this is the opposite of procrastination!!

great work.

when I saw "eyes on the prize" (a documentary about MLK that came out in the mid eighties) it gave me the courage to come out as a gay person in my small, conservative So. Oregon town. He and Harvey Milk are heroes...

gretchenmist said...

i had a feeling procrastination involved more down time . . .
great list you have.
and gorgeous pieces :)

oneartistjournal said...

Love your art...and NPR too!

the nest said...

now i see, you are an organized procrastinator; there lies the difference between you & me! ;)

i hope your weekend was fun; i'd love to hear about that meal.

the recent paintings are great; i'm really drawn to the "fly" girl with the swirly purple dress... it is very generous of you to donate to the relief work in Haiti.

best - Annri xo

Leililaloo said...

very exquisite pieces! beautiful! and what a list...don't forget to take a breath every now and then....