Wednesday, January 7, 2009

looks boring but....

it's really exciting!  The attachment I found for my drill ( a forstner bit) makes this perfect and beautiful hole in the back of my wood blocks so they can hang flush against a wall.  This means I won't have to drill and hammer my already finished paintings anymore (which was always a bit nerve racking).  I found it to be too difficult to paint, scrape and incise a painting if it had a hanger attached to the back of it...I need to work with a piece lying flat on my work table.  So anyways, I have drilled a number of blocks and am feeling a bit giddy after my power tool extravaganza!

Here are my five everyday loves (for gretchenmist)
(keeps us warm in this drafty old house from breakfast thru story time)
(this paper is full of the best and worst of humanity and everything in's actually tied with NPR but I spend much less time in my car these days....)
(without this product I resemble a walking bit of cotton has been my everyday love for the past 8 years)
(i love, love, love this space and am so grateful to have it....)
(my home is one block from the lake and it's constant presence whether I'm walking or driving makes my midwestern local seem open and expansive....)

I'm not going to tag anyone but I'd love to hear what your 5 everyday loves are on your own blog or here....


Elizabeth Bauman said...

Great idea about the drill bit. I know how you feel about messing with the paintings after they are done. I have the same issue.

Do you mind if I ask what kind of wood you use?

Janice La Verne said...

ok... i'll think about the 5 everyday loves...

it suddenly popped into my mind that you don't have to worry about tidal waves at lake michigan... i'm so fascinated by such a large body of water.

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

thanks beth:) you made me laugh with your powertool extravaganza! i admire the way you do all the framing/construction side yourself. and i love the piece in the post of your studio {which looks so neat}.

justagirl said...

love the hole maker... funny how something so simple can make life so easy.

It is nice to know water is near, we live near the beach and it is a comfort.

I know what you mean about finishing things off once they are done... I have added some mediums over top and had some alarming results...

my 5 must haves are...

my hair straightners (for my fringe)

my muslie and coffee in the mornings

my art table and art cupboard

the dishwasher

my plants that have suvived another day with me

tangled sky studio said...

the wood: is hard maple (i had a long board milled to 3 1/2" wide and 1" thick and then my husband cuts the blocks to size)
the lake: no tidal waves, no sharks, no seaweed (don't get me wrong i love the power and beuty of the ocean but with three kiddos the lake is very user friendly!)
power tools: what can i say...they are fun!
a green thumb: hehe!

bridgette said...

awesome! That didn't take too long to figure out. Do you use a dremel drill? I have one but haven't quite figured out how to use it. My FIL says that dremels are more for putting details into wood work?

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

Nice post. I can absolutely relate to your happiness with a drill bit and enjoyed your 5 everyday loves too. Have a very happy 2009 :) m.a.

buddhagirl said...

thanks for inspiring me to share my 5 everyday loves - your blog is great! mine is
yay to power tools!!!

sammi said...

hey stumbled accross what took me forever to figure out when I did paintings on boards...I also used to go to the hardware store and buy cases of fence post tops. They are flat, have a built in frame around the edges, and have the pre-drilled hole in the back...(i just had to spackle the front..a great way to crank out some mini paintings :)

tangled sky studio said...

BRIDGETTE... this is a bit for my electric drill so it's really quick and easy.
MARY ANN...happy new year and love your latest piece
JENNIFER...nice to meet you
SAMMI...the fp thing is a great tip. plaster was my moisture sucking nemesis when i was making ceramic tile molds and i kinda hate it but when i see how you and bridgette are using it it makes me want to cut it some slack....

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thank you for the information about the wood!

Sweetland Retreat said...

That IS exciting! I love using power tools and making life easier :)

I'm going to say my 5 favorite things right now are:

-my hubby! He's so sweet and does so much for me!
-my doggy! Sammy the super Schnoodle! My little old man.
-blogging- I'm really enjoying it!
-my studio, it really mkaes a difference to have a dedicated space to paint!

artslice said...

How cool is that... sounds like a great power tool to have. Loved your 5 fave things! I'm a big fan of Aveda products myself. Think I'll mull it over and post my 5 faves on my blog sometime :)

Megan Chapman said...

"without this product I resemble a walking bit of cotton candy."

That made me smile. Great solution for your hanging your pieces.

1.Free movies, books, music from the library
2.My silver skull teapot and cup
(sounds scary but it is cute)
3.My studio
4.My ipod/camera (they tied)
5.My favorite band INTERPOL :)

tangled sky studio said...

hi brenda...i'll be looking for you 5 faves! the tool is actually just a little drill bit that fits my drill.
megan...good to hear from you and you would smile and even laugh if you witnessed what my kids call my "angel hair".

Paula said...

I am always in the "how what" mode when I've finished a piece and need to hang it.....grrrrr

I like your idea. You are using solid wood though? I'm using birch plywood and I bet that bit would chew up the plywood.

I've been drilling two holes, evenly spaced at the top (before painting) and I use ribbin, wire, etc thru the holes to create hangers.

Thanks, nice to have my thoughts jangled from time to time......

I am no where near water here in New Mexico ~ I'm a high desert girl and love it.