Monday, January 12, 2009


As much as I wanted this piece to work it just wasn't.  For the past three days I have been trying to make it work but every thing I tried just took it one step further away from what it was supposed to be....and so it is no more.  I plan to start this piece over once I have a few days to think about the problems I encountered and what I need to do differently the next time. I learned with knitting a long time ago that sometimes letting something go and starting over can be very liberating.  

about tissue printing.....
1.  set up your page with the fight font or image in the right size and place on the copier
2. carefully tape a flat piece of white tissue paper to a plain white sheet of paper and place it in the copier tray
3. cross your fingers and press the copy button
4. cut out the words or image (once the toner is dry) and dip into clear medium, lift carefully and place onto your warmed wax surface being sure to get it flat and gently press out any air bubble without ripping the tissue
5. apply a thin layer of medium over the image and heat set

Happy Monday.


Sweetland Retreat said...

Cool!! Thanks for the tutorial! That's what I assumed, off to wreck another printer! hahaha

Sorry this piece didn't work out. I find that when I get really frustrated it can be very therapeutic to wreck a piece and start over without thinking too hard about it. That's what happened with my newest paintings. I was trying something that just didn't work out at all and I tried it many many times-- then I scraped it all off and started over.

artslice said...

A very interesting process! It sounds like encaustic painting is so different from painting on wood or canvas. When I've reached 'boiling point' it's great to either gesso over the whole thing or just leave it and begin a new painting on top of it. (leaving some of the old here and there) But, with all the scraping, etc. That's rough! What would happen if you just began a new painting over the old, would it be too thick and built up or??

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hmmm. don't you hate that! at least you've not wasted time completely if it makes you try to solve some issues. am slowly picking up some idea of what's involved with your medium! it seems so much more physical. happy monday to you too {tho it's tuesday here!}

Michele Maule said...

Happy Monday Beth!
Yes, sometimes it is just better to start over...
I have several paintings hanging out around here that need a makeover :)

Sounds like a very interesting process printing on tissue!
I'll have to remember that one.