Thursday, January 1, 2009

hello 2009!

                                             Party Girl 2009 (all dressed up)

                                         Party Girl 2009 (make a joyful noise)

                                              Party Girl 2009 (starry night)

I was so very happy that so many of you took the time to share a hope, dream or resolution that I decided I would give away TWO of these Party Girls (the 3rd one will be added to my shop).
A drum roll would be good here....
the first name pulled from the cookie tin was  BETH!!! 
You get first pick (just let me know which little sweetie you would like and I'll send her off tomorrow).
the second name pulled from the cookie tin was LEILILALOO!!!!
Yay Dana!  Just let me know your 1st and 2nd choice (once Beth picks I''ll let you know which girl is travelling to Holland).

Congratulations and all the best on this first day of 2009!


Leililaloo said...


What a great way to start 2009!!

Thank you Beth!!!

The second one is my favorite..but i love both!!!

rivergardenstudio said...

These are lovely little party girls! Roxanne