Monday, December 15, 2008

visitors welcome...

For the next month I will be exhibiting my work at Papernstitch.  If you haven't visited this amazing shop yet you're in for a real treat.  I was waiting to see who else was showing work this month before putting together my post (thinking that I would mention a few favorites).  But honestly, there are so many talented artists in the shop right now I can't choose! 
 Please visit me at Papernstitch and you're sure to find a few new favorites as well....
Happy Monday!


justagirl said...

wow what a wonderful site, I agree with you so many talented people to see.

thanks for sharing this site.

Janice La Verne said...

why do I have to go to bed? there is so much to look at!

you asked how I made the blocks... i painted them, then took color xeroxes of my work and transferred the images onto the blocks. It's really easy, you just coat the surface with acrylic gesso (or mod poge) and stick on the xerox face down. I rolled them with a brayer, and let them dry overnight. Then I soaked them a little with water and rubbed off the paper with my fingers. The toner remains embedded in the gesso. it's also a good way to transfer an image to carve.

happy tuesday to you,

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hi beth,
i love how you've linked a shop to each word! am honoured to be one of you favs :)

bridgette said...

hey beth- what a great opportunity!

Glad you left me a comment on my blog, I had emailed you this morning, but you must not have gotten it. Just emailed you from my rocketmail account. HOpe you get it! :)