Monday, December 29, 2008

Party Girl Give Away!


I have to admit...I love New Year's Eve.  The whole idea of having a point in time to reflect on the past year and to contemplate the coming one has always appealed to my glass half full sensibility.  I don't make lots of resolutions and stuff but I do take time to really think about what the past year has brought and what my hopes and dreams for the new year will be. 
 On that note I am officially announcing my first ever New Year's Day Party Girl Give Away!  
I am asking anyone who stops by my blog between now and midnight on New Year's Eve to post one hope, dream or resolution for the coming year.  On New Year's Day at 12 noon I will randomly draw a name and the winner will be able to choose one of the three special New Year's Party Girls that I will post that day ( yes that's them in the works up there....)

Photo #2 is a new "Cloud Study" piece which is almost done.  I used oil paints as a base layer to get a richer background this time instead of using a layer of  oil over a wax base.  As you can see I haven't dipped the clouds in beeswax yet....

Photo #3 shows two blocks that may be part of a new series I have been thinking about for some time.  I'm hoping to complete these two pieces in the next few days but am trying to figure out exactly how to execute my idea....hmmmm...

That's about it for now-


Janice La Verne said...

It is the new year almost...

I always like to be quiet and reflect too.

This year I do have a resolution... to draw more. I have a new sketchbook in my "purse", and I am trying to take it out on the bus, and any time I get a moment. I'm also taking the last two weeks in January off work to only do studio work. I'm pretty excited about this!

Have you checked out my friend Liz's website? I think you'd enjoy looking at her work, the last layers are beeswax. She has also started a blog about the residencies she is going to, link on my blog under Liz Tran.

love the little chef!

and my hope for the new year? peace... in big and little increments. in individual ways and global movements.

hearts, Janice

Deanna said...

I love the stripes!

My hope for the new year is for everyone to be able to find his or her own meaning in life.

Happy New Year!

Heather Jerdee said...

Have to get my name in here, they all three look like a very pretty start. I am planning by this summer to be home full time with my kids and making art both a hope and goal. And running a 10k in the spring and vowing to try to loose 5lbs a month and banishing clutter from our house for good and..... o.k. I'll stop :)

tangled sky studio said...

janice...i LOVE your friend liz's work! thank you for a new connection and source of inspiration. both of the residencies she is attending sound amazing! i am so happy to hear about the last two weeks of january...what an opportunity you will have to explore and play.
deanna...thanks for sharing and i love the stripes too which is why i don't want to rush them.

tangled sky studio said...

ummm...heather you know once you write something you have to do it? dream big!

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

i love ny too! i've always placed more importance/expectation on new years than christmas!
i hope that i can be a better mum and a better artist! am putting more effort into creating a healthier balance :)
world peace and a little help with global warming would be nice too!
love the stripes.
happy new year to you xx

Melizza said...

Greetings Beth! So fun checking in on your blog. I vow for the new year to try (again) to be relentlessly positive and to see the good in everyone....

thanks for all of the inspiration! Melissa

Michelle Brunner said...

I love your art! I want in on this giveaway:) My New Years resolution is to try to draw and paint something matter how small!

My hope this year is probably the same as everyone else...PEACE...and lots of it! Wouldn't it be great if everyone just got along:)

Also I am so impressed that you know the drummer for Rogue Wave...they are so cool:) Happy New Year to you!

Michele Maule said...


I have a very big year this year. Lots of things to do, see, and a new life waiting for me in just several months.

My goal this year is to make it through these next four months as quickly and as sanely as possible.

I am going to keep as busy as possible, and hopefully the time will fly right on by. I am going to paint, and draw, and work right up until the very last minute.

And when I am finally back in my little white house in Portland, I am going to continue my work, all the while starting my new life in my little house!

It's going to be a great year!

Happy New Year to you and your family, Beth! :D

bridgette said...

I still have yet to sit down and write about my goals for 2009-artwise and personal. But I do know that on my personal list, I want to bake more bread this year. :)

tangled sky studio said...

wow...lots to think about here!
michelle b: actually my good friends kelly and david are friends with pat (the drummer) and i'm the dorky sidekick whose gotten to meet him a few times.
michele m: i can't wait to see what you create once your back in your little white house.
bridgette: i may be able to help you with that!
thanks for all the hopes and dreams and good luck to all!

Liz Tran said...

My resolution is to become stronger...both physically and mentally. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog!

Camber's momma said...

I found you on etsy and DEFINITELY LOVE your work! I need one more party girl to complete my set of 2 recently purchased (you can't have 2- it's gotta be 3 or 5...) ANYHOO-My resolution is to take the time to create more art. One of my dear friends is an encaustic artist:
I've always loved the medium and now get to experience it first hand at her studio. She makes the most amazing beeswax medium! SO cool to work with and smells fantatic! :)

Janice La Verne said...

wow... lots of comments. so glad you liked liz's paintings, i love her work too.

i STILL can't get photos to download. I went to photoshop elements and went to "file for web" and then tried to download those. eeekk... any more tips?

you can email me at

thank you for the assist!

artslice said...

OK, I've got to join the party here... My wishes and dreams for the new year? Hmm, make more quilts and try 'thread painting' (like Cathy at November Moon!) and make lots of new friends. Plus... finish all the paintings I have going right now. And... play trains and dolls even more with my kids this year.

Beth said...

guess my resolution would be to keep going to the gym and continuing losing weight...lost 20 lbs in 2008, liked to lose another 20-25 in 09. oh i'd also like to be a better person, not let things get to me quite as much as they can sometimes.

my hope or dream would be to be at peace with whatever life gives me. i'd say i'd love to find the love of my life, start a family etc but if that's not meant to be then i want to be content with having a bunch of great friends & being healthy.

hope your '09 is the best yet.
beth from columbia, sc

tangled sky studio said...

LIZ AND BETH: i'm in on the getting fit goal. i've been trying to get a run in at least 3 times a week lately and plan to stick with it.
BRENDA: i LOVE cathy's work and can't wait to see what you come up with!
LORI: thanks for your support and encouragement. i hope the muse finds you in 2009!

Leililaloo said...

wow!!! I don't know if my comment will be noticed between the lots of them at all, but i just wanted to say thanks beth for being such a lovely person and a great artist!!! I am glad i met you in 2008 & hopefully we will continue this journee of inspiration from the usa to holland in 2009!!! Wish you all but good.. And also for the people who left all these great comments here.

Sweetland Retreat said...

My hope is to get the renovations done on my house and start our business!

My dream is that our Retreat gives many people a restful night and a second home and that our workshops will provide students with fresh ideas and instructors with extra income to help them fulfill their dreams!


(PS-- LOVE the new cloud painting!!!)

Amy Stoner said...

My desire is that I learn to relax and just let be a little bit more in the coming year. That way I can enjoy my daughter a bit more, my husband a bit more - heck, my LIFE a lot more.