Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thinking of Poets and Parties (alone and adrift in a dream)

Night-time can be complicated...
  It beckons us with romantic ideas of star filled skies but darkness can feel empty and in our dreams we fill up that space with many things which aren't easily explained when we wake.  I think much of what I try to do in my work is to bring some of these underlying ideas to the surface (not necessarily to explain them but to explore them...).
Yesterday I wrapped up a major project which had been taking much of my time each week since mid-September.  So now I am back in the studio and am excited to have quite a few new things in the works.  I was really excited about being invited to be a part of Paper-N-Stitch and will have a shop set up there starting on December 15th. One of the pieces I'm working on required a new sort of frame/shadow box  and after a few tries I'm really happy with the results and am working on getting it painted and put together( I hope to share this piece later in the week).  I'm also planning to submit a few paintings to two juried shows in early 2009 and need to get going on the applications (and cross my fingers and toes...)
It's just started to snow again and the fire is going so I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine and a bit of the Sunday New York Times....


gretchenmist/belkemp said...

wow, that's great news beth and a gorgeous piece. lots happening. i think you deserve a nice wine and relax!
ps. am looking forward to seeing results of your new technique :)

artslice said...

Congrats to you on Paper-and-Stitch, what a great site that is! This is a nice painting, I always like the water you paint... and the night sky. It really symbolizes solitude for me, and that's when one can really think and dream.
I'm interested to see what you made that needs a shadow box-style frame!

justagirl said...

What exciting news... all sounds very exciting.

I like the night time, it is really a time to think and sort things out for me.

I too like the way you paint water... this painting has a happy feel to me, someone alone with their own thoughts.

Michele Maule said...

Good news about Paper-n-Stitch!
Your shop will be going up just as mine will be coming down.

I rally like that site and the gals who run it. Congrats and good luck with it.

I enjoy your new piece too! Love the water :)