Saturday, December 13, 2008


I wanted to share the beautiful new painting I received from Deanna Wood this week.  As many of you know I'm a member of the Beeswaxteam which is a growing community of encaustic artists committed to sharing information, resources and support.  For the holiday season we decided to do an art exchange where each member that wanted to participate created an original 6x6 inch encaustic painting to share and received one in return. I absolutely adore my new painting which is from a series Deanna did based on dreams of tornadoes.  Thank you Deanna...I LOVE it!

I updated my shops with lots of new pieces this morning including six new "On the Ball" paintings.  It was fun working on all six at once because they are all the same but different. Each one has her own unique style and attitude.  I like them all but have to admit I kind of have a favorite...(shhh, don't tell the others!)


Janice La Verne said...

I love exchanges. The Art-O-Mat project was an exchange and we had to donate pieces to the Art-O-Mat. Only 5 people participated, but I got some very amazing art. Isn't it like the best treat??!!

Community is the best. It is way fun being an artist.

bridgette said...

ooh, a Deanna Wood piece! lucky you! I meant to participate in the exchange, but time got away from me, yet again. Next time!

Thanks so much for your comment. For me, my son has brought deeper layers of meaning to me and my life. I may not be spending my full time in the studio anymore like I used to, but every minute with him definitely informs my work. And now I definitely don't waste my time away when I get it!

When I was working on that piece today i thought about the recent paintings you posted and wondering how you got your blue. :)