Sunday, December 28, 2008

is dinner ready?

I don't usually post photos of the kids but the mini chef costume, stick on mustache and shark slippers are just too funny. 
 It seems so odd to have been away from my studio and blog for so long but it has been a really great week.  It has included a white knuckle drive to Michigan, a wonderful few days spent with family and lots of cooking, knitting and game playing back here at home. 
 I finally snagged a few hours in the studio today and experimented with some oil paints as a base layer on a few maple blocks and i'll post some photos of those tomorrow.  After a week away it seemed like a good idea to stretch a bit creatively and open up some new options. 

psst...I also started work on a special New Year's "Party Girl" which I plan to give away on the first day of 2009! 


bridgette said...

That's so cute! ha!
Glad you got some studio time. I just sent you an email. Hope you get it. :)

sammi said...

what a lovely photo.....couldn't help but notice how similar we sink, countertops, cabinets....the only thing we have left to do is the floor, and yours is looking pretty nice (hint hint) happy new year!

tangled sky studio said...

don't forget the camera too sam! i have to say you are putting yours to much better use....the floor is jerusalem gold travertine (looks a lot like cork).

Heather Jerdee said...

Thats one impressive chef, what a honey :)

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

am curious to see your next works. and the giveaway piece!
thanks for your visit :)

artslice said...

What a cutie! I love the country style of your kitchen... one day, I hope to live in an old house again. Spokane is full of lovely Arts and Crafts Bungalows... I've been keeping my eyes peeled!

Michelle Brunner said...

This is a great picture! Every aspiring chef should have one of these outfits!