Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This too shall pass...

This Too Shall Pass

The dogs are disappointed by another day without a walk but it is just too crazy cold even with the sunshine.  It's just above zero here and I am adding layers even inside to keep warm and am looking forward to cooking up a big pot of soup for dinner.  Gathering around the table with tomato bisque and grilled cheese seem like the perfect way to warm up and catch up once everyone is collected from here and there.  Between now and then I am going to warm up some wax and work on a large submission and some smaller new work I have been slowly layering over the past few days.  The painting shown above rings so true right now as I work through these winter days.  It's not like I have a weight on my shoulders pressing me down but more like there are thoughts, ideas and a bit of a shadow lingering right over my head.  Thoughts are going through me as I process good and bad, color and form, subjects and text and it takes time to figure out how to move forward.  I tend to start lots of new work at this time of the year but as I start to express an idea and it shifts during the process of creation. The new work on my table is definitely more introspective and muted much like the winter landscape.  But, the sun is shining for the 2nd day in a row and the 1st day of spring is just around the corner.  So my plan is to embrace the brutal temps, feed my peeps hot nourishing food, snuggle with the dogs and ask their forgiveness and put my thoughts onto wood with wax and heat keeping in mind that this too shall pass.  Warm wishes for a cozy and creative rest of the week:)

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