Friday, February 6, 2015

Landscape monotypes (a love story)...

as far as the eye can see

silent commotion

field of vision

I am in love with these landscapes and the quiet stories they tell.  The process of creating them on the hotbox is almost meditative and allows for a very open ended process.  The hot box is a heated palette you can paint on with colored encaustic blocks to create an image. The colored wax shimmers on the metal plate while you add one color after another creating your image.  These monotypes were created in one pull but you could clean your plate and create a 2nd, 3rd or 4th layer to your piece.  To transfer the wax from the metal plate to the paper I carefully place a piece of Hosho paper onto the melted wax and press gently but firmly without moving the paper.  The the paper is careful lifted and set aside to dry.  I used a bookbinding paste to mount each monotype to a 2" wood block (cut to size) and overpainted areas using encaustic paint sticks. After heat setting that layer, I set the piece aside to dry. Next, I brushed three layers of clear medium over the image (heat setting between each layer), applied black paint stick to pick up the texture of the wax and did a small bit of image transfer.  Each step in this process added depth to the landscapes and as I added layers they revealed meaning.  So happy to finally be able to share these and to wish you a lovely weekend