Wednesday, January 14, 2015

shaking things up...

 Just a quick hello midweek to share a few things I'm working on.  I pulled out my beautiful hotbox and worked into the wee hours on Monday night.  I've been meaning to take it out from under my worktable for months now and even though it was too late to start something new I'm glad I did it.  The flat heated palette is the perfect place to explore hazy, dreamy, muted landscapes.  I painted directly on the heated palette with encaustic paints and pigment sticks and then laid a piece of rice paper over the image to create a mono print. Once the print cooled, I used more pigment sticks and oil pastels to shade and fill in the image.  I found the process very meditative and am trying to find a place for the box to stay out so I can use it more often.  I'm planning to mount these images on wood blocks and cover them with encaustic medium to finish them up.  The painting on paper to the right was done last night at a friend's open studio time.  The assignment was to paint without thinking by  exploring shape and color and letting those things guide you. As you can see there are very familiar shapes and colors in my painting but it is definitely a bit more 'free' than most of my work.  I really like it and plan to translate it to a large board over the next week or two.  The paint went on so quickly and makes it so easy to work large but I need the solidness of the wood and the depth of the wax to really complete an image.  And speaking of completing an image  I finally got around to waxing the 2nd 30"x30" painting in the diptych I started almost one year ago.  I still need to do some adding and subtracting to pull it together but it's getting there.  Big art is slow art and I'm learning to be Ok with that.  With C gone for the week I have many things nibbling away at my studio time so I guess I should stop prattling on here and get to work...see ya later :)

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