Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Toned down and tuned in...

::works in progress::

Late last year I started experimenting with some india ink that I purchased years ago. A few mistakes led to a finish I really like which looks like a cross between a chalkboard and deep space.  I've been pairing that background with some muted colors which feel like winter yet have a softness and warmth to them.  I tried introducing a bit of bold color but it took away from the sense of calm these pieces carry.  I'm trying to allow this body of work to unfold in a very organic way and am really enjoying working a bit larger and a bit more slowly than my pre-show pace. I really should be loading all my aug-dec work onto my website but it is such a chore.  I know I should take care of listing things as I go but I would much rather paint than type.  With the kids back to school and the snow falling there should be time for both this week.  

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