Tuesday, July 8, 2014

what summer looks like right now...

rainy skies::night swimmers::chicken dumpling soup*
the 1st ripe san marzano::summer work::the garden

Here's a peek of what summer looks like around here this week.  The torrential downpours and spectacular lightening have been tempered with near perfect 75 degree days and both of those things suit me (and the garden) very well.  My oldest is away at a creative writing camp for the next three weeks (taking a 17 year old girl out of the mix quiets things down quite a bit) and I really miss her. I'm sure part of that is knowing that this is just a warm up for the next separation (college) which is really just around the corner (she will be a senior this fall!). Anyways, the 16 year old is at theater camp every day all day  and is volunteering some evenings here and the 10 year old just returned from a trip to Niagra Falls with his cousins and grandparents and has play dates lined up for the next few days which leaves me wide open to paint, garden and cook.  After moving and taking on major renovations last summer the pace of this summer seems refreshing.  At one point it seemed like summer was going to fly by but now that we are here with the longest day still two weeks away it feels like there is time to work and play and putter....like summer is a long stretch of road and we are cruising with the top down under starry skies.  What does this summer feel like to you?

*one with allergies or summer cold, hard to tell, but chicken soup with lots of fresh herbs on a rainy day seemed right.

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