Sunday, June 29, 2014

new work in progress...

Greetings from Sunday.  We are getting ready to head to Chicago for a quick visit with friends but I wanted to take a minute to share this new 18" x 30" painting in progress.  I am using a combination of oil paint, encaustic sticks and collage on these 1st layers and soon I will begin adding layers of wax and etching.  Summer is definitely finding it's way into my work and after attending an absolutely amazing concert last night lots more Beck tunes will be finding their way into my studio :)  Last week was full of color, food from the garden, travel, reunions, growth, art, music and inspiration.  Summer is spilling over into my journal and my work and I am doing my best to go with it and not get in my own way, you know what I mean?  



Kate Fern said...

A tantalizing glimpse, can't wait to see more of this painting!

artslice said...

As always, can't wait to see more! Beck is awesome, I'll bet his concert was amazing. What a genius he is.

Doing anymore house projects? Bigger paintings?

Happy July!