Monday, July 21, 2014

She's done (!)

Home And Garden
18" x 30"

::up close::

This is one of the largest pieces I've done and it took lots of time, patience and arm strength. A massive amount of heat fusing needs to be done layer after layer on a piece this size and so over the past few weeks I've fused and tweaked my way to this finished painting.  I have a fusing iron that probably would have done the job much more quickly but it would have yielded a much smoother surface and that just wouldn't do.  I love to see the texture and bubbles and depth of the wax and so I just took my time and worked on this a bit each day in between other smaller pieces.  The closer I got to finishing the faster I wanted to work but there truly are physical limitations to working this big.  Home And Garden is a reflection on summer, place, time and change and I really like the overall feel of the work and the idea that it is a visual story.  Thanks for reading...

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Carole Reid said...

I can't even begin to imagine how strong your arm muscles are after working on this beautiful piece, Beth!