Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All kinds of making going on...

I really should be packing for our upcoming road trip to Charleston, SC but instead I am making (and re-making) things to look at, eat and wear.  Most of Monday was spent in the was spent in the studio and I worked on a few new pieces all at the same time.  I went to my scrap source for wood when we were in Chicago a few weeks back and all the block shapes and sizes are inspiring lots of new work. Most of yesterday was spent in the kitchen pickling and dyeing.  There were quite a few pickling cucumbers ready in the garden and while I wasn't quite up for canning I didn't want them to go to waste so I did a quick batch of refrigerator pickles.  I cross referenced 4 or 5 different recipes in an attempt to try and replicate Rick's Picks 'Hotties' and I think I was able to get pretty close but we'll see on Friday when they are ready for tasting.  And then after allowing these three old favorites to sit in a pile in the back of my closet for months I decided it was finally time to re-make them.  All three pieces had been white about 8 and 10 years ago when they were purchased.  At one point all three were dyed brown but I was tired of that color and so now they are all a perfect jet black. And now that they are dry I guess I really should start packing :)


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Carole Reid said...

Isn't re-dyeing fun!