Friday, March 7, 2014

Signs of spring...

Spring Folly

Despite the continuing below average temps and scattered snow showers signs of Spring are everywhere, have you noticed?  A few crazy bird are singing in the morning, the sky has cracked open to a beautiful, bright and blinding blue, the seed catalogs have arrived and more deer have crossed my path this week than in the past 3 months combined.  While I'm still Ok with the never ending winter, my inner wild woman is looking forward to getting out into the garden, digging in the dirt, walking in the woods and filling the house with fresh flowers again.  So for today I am sharing a bit of Spring color and sending wishes for a warm and cozy weekend : )


marymccloskey said...

Beth, I love the lady with the antlers--the sun and the blue sky are definitely helping here in Chicago and daylight savings is coming this weekend I think. Keep the spring images coming. They delight me!

tangled sky studio said...'s time to spring forward. thanks mary!

Sue Marrazzo said...