Tuesday, April 16, 2013

subterranean homesick blues...

::temporary workspace::

Greetings from the garden apartment that we are temporarily calling home.  As you may or may not know 'garden' is a nicer way to say 'basement' and I must admit it has been a big adjustment for me moving from the gorgeous old victorian to this tiny underground abode (can you see my x's on the calendar???).  But after two full weeks here I am finding my rhythm with the dogs, the noise, the lack of fresh air and limited light, one drawer kitchen and having to do 5 peeps worth of laundry at the laundrymat AND I decided it's time to stop complaining and start painting. We have one table which serves as the dining, homework, computer, folding and everything table and so I can't really work on that but today I borrowed the small folding table (shown above) from my old neighbor and dear friend with the goal of getting to back to painting.  The lack of ventilation is a concern so I decided I would take our time here in the apartment to work with the hot box C built for me last year.  It works at a much lower temperature than my skillets and with the window open and a fan blowing I think it will be OK.  I have been wanting to experiment with creating monoprints on the hotbox and this seems like a golden opportunity.  Today I'm off to plant tomato seeds with 60 2nd graders but tomorrow I will set up shop and get started.  And speaking of shops...I am offering 10% off and free shipping thru April 30th in my Etsy shop : )  


Leililaloo said...

Hi Dear Beth, seems like i missed on so much of your life. WHY are you living in a basement?? So sorry i was absent here Beth, i wasn't doing so well and still am in some transition fase wich makes me stressed at times.. Hope you do well, and make some beauties in your current unpractical living situation. The mono prints sound great! Can't wait how they turn out..
Love Dana

artslice said...

Hang in there, girl! Are you guys looking for houses now? Hope you've been able to do that painting... it always solves most ailments and sooths the soul.