Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home as a cocoon...

Modern Love Emerging
(home as a cocoon)

Happy Sunday to you.  I've been giving lots of thought to the idea of home as a cocoon and as a haven for transformation. And by home I don't necessarily mean four walls...I mean the hundreds of things that make up a home.  The colorful cast of characters, the beautiful art, bits and pieces of days long gone, old quilts on beds, boxes of photographs, a crazy-all-over-the-map-recipe drawer, stories shared over and over.  You know, the real things that make a house a home no matter where you are.  I have a vision of the home as a snail, tortoise or hermit crab shell...always with us, protecting us, but allowing us to grow as we move about finding our way.  Or as I mentioned earlier, as a cocoon from which we can emerge as a beautiful butterfly. 

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