Thursday, July 12, 2012

a hidden gem-

So here's the back story on our tomato plants...last summer our next door neighbor took down two cottonwood trees that were each 7 feet in diameter (sad, I know but they were dropping limbs, dying and dangerous).  We knew our tomato plants would get lots more sunshine and fare better this year but we planted 14 just in case : )  I started nibbling on the ripe cherry tomatoes just a few days ago and the pure taste of summer is bursting in all  4 varieties we planted. We have large green orbs of all shapes and sizes and I have lost track of what was planted where but I have been watering and tending them daily looking for the 1st blush of pink.  Well, today I was watering and nibbling, when something caught my eye.  There hidden behind two large green tomatoes was this perfectly ripe and ready to be picked Black Cherokee Tomato.  There is not another large tomato even close to beginning to turn and I'm not sure how I missed this one but there it was...and it is gorgeous.  I can't even tell you how excited I was by this hidden gem.  I set it on the windowsill so that it can be enjoyed tomorrow evening at dinner all by itself with a bit of salt & pepper.

ps:  i've been in a puppy trance for the past few days
 but will be in the studio tomorrow so i'll have new work
 to share on monday.


Kim Henkel said...

I completely understand! I am afraid I only have one tomatoe plant, but it is loaded with tomatoes, and 2 are beginning to ripen! I can't wait!

tangled sky studio said...

do you have plans for them?