Monday, June 11, 2012


It's Monday, it's 90 degrees, and yes, I'm sharing a cozy new wool sweater.  It's the first official day of summer break around here and I am already beginning to think that I totally overestimated how much painting I will be getting done in the weeks to come.  Each child has one activity/camp scheduled and my oldest two both started this week.  One has cross country camp from 6am-8am  every day this week (yes, i said 6am).  Ever the optimist, I thought that I might head into the studio for some early morning painting time after I drop her off....yeah, right.  I'm so close to finishing up three new pieces, but my head just wasn't in it after the 5:15 wake up call so instead, I'm sharing the sweater I finished up over the weekend.  I love the shape, the fit, the color and the yarn and am sure it will get lots of wear this Autumn.  One of the reasons I love knitting is that you can keep creating in the midst of chaos.  In other words, if you have a whole houseful of kiddos and can't get into the studio you can still create with color and texture at the kitchen counter (while someone eats breakfast), in the car at school (waiting to pick someone up) and at the orthodontist, dentist and/or doctor's office.  So, knowing how things may play out here I ordered one skein of yarn to start a hat to go with my new sweater.  I spent lots of time trying to decide on a color and ended up going with 'soot' for my 1st Norby (but ordered a color card so I could choose a pretty color for a 2nd one).   I know it seems crazy to knit in the summer but I always seem to get the bug at this time of year. Are you a summer knitter and if so what's on your needles right now?


the nest said...

gorgeous! does your agnes have pockets? if so, what color surprise did you use in there? i'd like to knit a grey agnes some day. i'm knitting a modified, not at all summer knitting grey annabel; intentionally one size up and longer to be a jacket hopefully. maybe i'll pop in some afterthought pockets. :)

norby is a great hat. another great thing about knitting wooly items through the summer is that the minute it gets chilly, there's a new something to keep you warm!

tangled sky studio said...

thanks annri. no pockets (i went back in forth but decided i just wanted big and comfy w/out the bulk plus i couldn't decide what color surprise to use...had i loved a certain combination i would have put them in). i think Agnes would be mighty pretty in grey and it's a super fast knit (especially with your knitting super powers). i knit my annabel one size up too and love it.
happy not-so-summer-knitting : )

wanda miller said...

a special purse or two, downsized from my usual larger ones, as it's too dang hot to have it resting on me! loved your post, actually love them all! along with your beautiful work! xo