Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Weekend-

Hi there.  It's been awhile since I've posted about food here but with the garden filling out and the farmer's market filling up I figured it was time for a food and flower post.  I picked up a few Peonies at the farmer's market and I have to say I so miss having them in my yard.  The last house I lived in had gorgeous butter yellow peonies with pale pink centers that had be growing there for decades.  In our current yard I've tried to grow them in two different spots with very little success and as much as I love them I can't justify giving up sunny food growing space for their short lived beauty.  But, I do have huge white hydrangea bushes and I scatter a variety of flower seeds in between my veggie plants and along the edges of the beds so that by mid-summer I have beautiful color and a feast for the honeybees.  I harvested some of the dinsaur kale and curly kale from the garden to make Garlicky Pork with Greens for dinner last night.  I threw everything in the slow cooker in the morning, mixed up the white bean salad and after working in the yard, running errands, a late afternoon walk to the beach and dip in the lake it was a super easy, super yummy outdoor meal (it would also make a great winter dish with a warm, smokey beans underneath).  And then, there are the berries.  Raspberries for eating right from the box and strawberries for eating of course, but also for jam (yesterday) and shortcake (today).  Well, I've rambled quite a bit here    but what's a girl to do in the face of all the fresh and yummy goodness of summer?  Leftovers are on the menu today (along with the shortcake) so I'll be spending some time in the studio finishing up two new wild women I hope to share tomorrow. 
 Happy Weekend : )

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