Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She will be missed...


We lost our 1st (and favorite) hen yesterday afternoon.  Loretta started her life with us as the gangly outsider who seemed destined to be goofy and awkward but she grew into a beautiful, graceful and gentle bird that we all adored.  She trilled in place of clucking, was the 1st to greet us each morning (and anytime we entered the yard) and she was the calm leader of our four hens.  Yesterday after school the kids let all four hens out into the yard.  Around 20 minutes later I went into the yard and only saw three of them.  I began to look for Loretta and came across her lying in a heap as if she had just fallen over in mid-stride and closed her eyes.  There was no sign of trauma or illness and everyone else seemed fine.  Today we will have a funeral for this special hen and say goodbye to our sweet bird.  

ps:  i'm teaching an encaustic class here today which is just the distraction creative fill up i need : )

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Leililaloo said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. A beautiful bird indeed!