Tuesday, March 6, 2012

growing inside and out...

The feelings of renewed energy and inspiration I described just a few short weeks ago here have given way to feelings of restlessness.  This transitional season between the dark and quiet of winter and the light and living beauty of spring has hit me hard as mama nature teases with 60 degree days followed by 30 degree days and snow.  The order from High Mowing for this year's garden arrived early last week and while we were all very excited about starting everything from seed we know that it is a wee bit early to get started.  But it's never too early for sprouts!  We planted the first round of sunflower sprouts in Organic Mechanics sustainable seed starting blend and have been watching them grow for the past 5 days (within two-three days we should be able to cut and enjoy this 1st crop).  But thoughts about growing aren't limited to the garden around here.  Thoughts about what I'm doing, where I'm at, where I'm going and what it all means have been inching their way up from underground as well so I think it's time to get into the studio and work some of this out.  I need bits and pieces of text and color (seeds and starter), ideas, thoughts and questions (rain) and inspiration (sunshine) to grow and make sense of things.
What do you need to grow?

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